Google Maps / Streetview #2

After nearly a week, Google have sent an email confirming that they have removed the images of my house from Streetview. It was a nice email, apologizing for any inconvenience. But, yes – having to write at all was inconvenient. I have checked, and the image has been removed from all angles along the street, with only one smallish view left, although as this is obscured by trees, I am satisfied.

I wonder about updates – will Streetview be updated ?

Will I have to make another request for the images to be removed ?

Does this stuff get archived by anyone ?

I have mentioned my concerns about privacy to several people. It seems I am in a minority in worrying that highly detailed images of my family home are available to the entire world for inspection. I have read in the newspapers that some people are really pleased that their homes and cars feature in a prominent role; even more pleased if they can identify themselves in nearby locations. I guess if you can’t get on reality tv you have another chance with Streetview. What about linking all those cctv cameras to Google Maps too, so our friends and family can watch us admiringly in realtime ?

Google Maps / Streetview #1

My house is clearly visable on Google Streetview. I just put in my postcode and up came a fabulous 360 degree rendering of my entire world. The already peeling paint on my new railings, individual pebbles in my front garden, the leaves (summer!) on my plants, the nice wooden blinds at my windows (one drawn down), the exact pattern of the coloured glass in my front door, its two locks,  and my black smart car, perfectly aligned in the driveway where I always leave it.

Its not exactly a secret, my house, where I live. It was built in 1879. You could find records of it via the land registry – you can look me up in the printed version of the electoral roll. You could get on the tube and come and stand outside. Far easier to just invite yourself to dinner.

Why do I feel Streetview is too much information??  I “clicked here to report a problem”. I don’t want pictures of my house on Streetview.