thelynxiblog is my personal website, home to my thoughts around the edges of information and documentation, and the intersection between analogue and digital. I am currently Head of Library & Information Science at City University London, where I am well known for having established our forward-looking Library School, #citylis.

The goal of library & information science is to enable understanding of information. To do this, the discipline is concerned with the processes of the information communication chain: the creation, dissemination, management, organisation and use of information, instantiated as documents. My research and teaching interests fall into three main areas:

  • The nature of library and information science as a discipline, and the implications for education and research (more)
  • Information resources, the nature of documents and communication (more)
  • Information behaviour and use associated with creative works including: multimedia, fan fiction, fashion and art (more)

Developments in all three of these areas are driven by technology, and I have a longstanding interest in computing and network technologies, and their impact on information communication and documentation.

I am co-author of Facet’s best selling text “Introduction to Information Science“, the author of “Understanding Healthcare Information” and Assistant Editor of Alexandria.

I describe myself as an academic and a Londoner; I have an academic and professional background in science, computing, information science, project management, learning and teaching.

Broader interests include: digital libraries, digital culture, and the academic use of social media. I am an avid horizon-scanner.